My Three Key Learnings from VizThink Nord Meetup

Meeting fellow Visual Practitioners is always a highlight in my calendar. I love to be 100% the nerd I am and share and chat about all things “Visual Thinking” with peers who are fully in it as well. I guess you know that feeling, even if it’s not related to Visual Thinking, but the topic you are burning for!?

I had the pleasure to speak at the latest VizThink Nord Meetup - all virtual of course, but enjoyable. We expended the planned 60 minutes into 180 minutes. And at least for me, time flew by like nothing.

My personal key learnings from the session, which might apply to your next interaction with someone else too:

  1. There is always someone who’s journey has just begun.
  2. Being open and truly transparent will cause wonderful conversations.
  3. A smile goes a long way.


  1. There is always someone who’s journey has just begun
    Even though we might have years of experience in our field and work for even longer, there is always someone who started just...
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What Business People Can Learn From Comic Book Creation - Part 1/3

Creating a new, innovative business model or even a new service or a better product or a more efficient business process can be very challenging. We can lose ourselves in the treadmill of the corporate world or the distractions of the entrepreneurial world. This is due to existing working cultures as well as to the nature of these projects. And this nature is best described with “complex and long-running”.

Since November 2017 – that’s a whopping 19 months now – we’re working on a business comic for kids called “Biz4Kids” to change the way we teach our kids entrepreneurial and creative thinking on a global scale. And even as we’re not finished yet, we are very close to the finishing line now. I thought this might be an excellent time to see how you can benefit from what we learned over the 19 months.

In this first part of the series, I will write about “Mastering your craft.” Why is it so important to learn on the job...

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