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Yes, a book list!

As people coming back to me asking for reading recommendations, I thought it's time to create a book list here. I will update this list time by time as we go along. This list is just the start. More to come!

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Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design and The Invincible Company by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

These books are a mandatory series of books for everybody who wants to innovate, create value for their company and their customers, and to see magnificent conceptual thinking in practice. If you only buy three books, then I’d recommend these.

My big Aha-Moment: Companies need to be able to manage both - their exploit and explore portfolio at the same time! Become great at this, and you will become invincible.



Pirates in the Navi by Tendayi Viki and Holger Nils Pohl

How to transform your organization into an innovation machine by being an authentic innovator. You need more than the typical innovation theatre to make an impact on your company. I co-created this book together with Tendayi, and we are already working on a second edition.

My big Aha-Moment: Not all pirates are the same. You want to be a privateer. A pirate who breaks the rules and is not killed for it, but well paid!



Testing business ideas by David bland

This book is the fourth in the series by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. David is focusing here on how to test your ideas quickly and cheaply in the beginning and only scaling over time when you have more evidence that your ideas are solving the right problem for the right customer. 

My big Aha-Moment: this book contains a massive library of experiments. A great resource! Plus, the idea to build experiment chains to get the best out of them. 



Resilience by Mark McGuinness   

Mark is a great mind and an even better coach. I’ve enjoyed all his books and this especially. Of you want to learn how you can build up more resilience, then this book is for you. 

My big Aha-Moment: As creatives and (still) outliers in the business world, we are facing a lot of criticism not only from others but as well from ourselves. But this book gives you lots of ways to deal with that!



Productivity by Mark McGuinness 

Don't let yourself off the hook just because this book appears to be for creative people. I guess you are creative as well, only not in a common way. You have to solve problems, deal with wicked problems, and find good ideas. In your own way, you are definitely creative!

My big Aha-Moment: Ringfence your most creative, energy loaded time in the day. Book a meeting with yourself in your calendar and only work on creating assets and doing your best work. 



It doesn’t have to be crazy at work by Jason Fried

This is a wonderful book written around the concept of a calm company. It’s a short and easy read with a lot of valuable tips on how to create a culture where 9 to 5 is not only standard but the rule, while still being productive and creating a lot of value.

My big Aha-Moment: You need to design your company's culture down to the smallest detail to really make it sustainable in the long run.



Make time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

This is one of the most transformative books for my personal time management journey. The advice given here is very down to earth, practical and fun to read. Jake and John have a charming way to share their personal stories throughout the book.

My big Aha-Moment: Stay away from infinity pools (like social media) and don’t drink coffee after 1 pm!



The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael writes books that are glowing from energy and sharpness. His wisdom on the mechanics of human conversation is insanely great. The coaching questions he is proposing in this book have helped me in multiple coaching sessions and worth gold.

My big Aha-Moment: I have written the big questions from this book on a piece of paper and placed it beside my screen. This way, I can always ask the right questions. 



The Advice Trap by Michael Bungay Stanier

Like his first book, but perhaps even better this time. He is making fun of himself and still delivering so much value with an easy to read the book. Michael is one of my favorite authors!

My big Aha-Moment: I‘m tapping into the Advice Trap too often still and need to develop a long breath to stay open and curious. 




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