A pack of digital drawings for you

I have created a Visual Library containing 190 drawings of people in different situations. That is for sale. But hereby you may just download my favourite Visuals from the library for free.
No E-Mail adress needed. No strings attached. I'd be super happy if you use these Visuals to create great presentations and stories.

Remix and tell your message

The Visuals are licensed under a "Free Cutlure Works" license. You can remix them, use them personally and commercially.
You just need to share the origins, me, Holger Nils Pohl :)
Read more about the license here.

You name it however you want

You can use one visual for so many different purposes, you know? Just take the cow as an example.
Enjoy creating your stories!

Practical design for your use

You'll get PNG files that are super easy to place and use in your presentations or tweets or on your website. I built this with you in mind.

These Visuals are part of Visual Library with 190 drawings of people like this. I'd recommend you test and play with the free set first, and then come back. If you like to purchase them, you'll find them here.


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