Public Workshops

You want to learn how to bring Visual Thinking, Sketching, Business Model Innovation or the Clarity Framework into practice? Here are Holger's public workshops.

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Free Course - How to create a digital Sketch

In this free video course you'll learn how to create a digital sketch(-note) by starting with the traditional pencil on paper. Holger will accompany you in 3 lessons including working materials.

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Visual Library of People with ~190 PNG files

I've created visual assets to help you create better presentations, pitches and workshops. Check out the Visual Library "People" to pimp your next presentation with ~190 png files of people!

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Why I do what I do

I help leaders making things clear. The ultimate goal is to create value for you, your company and your customers. I want to share my knowledge and help you to find and test ideas that will transfer your business and let you shape your future.

Free Visual Tool - The Design Sprint Roadmap

This is for you, especially if you facilitate and moderate Design Sprints. The Design Sprint Roadmap is designed to help you keep the big picture in mind and guide the participants through the process.


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Visual Library for Scrum


Are you into Scrum and want to present the topic to other people? Here is the perfect set for you. All PNG files with drawings of all the roles, artefacts and events related to Scrum. Co-Created with the ScrumAcadamy.


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Free Mini Visual Library


I have created a Visual Library containing 190 drawings of people in different situations. That is for sale. But hereby you may just download my favourite Visuals from the library for free.


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"„We spend an insane amount of time on making our messages clear, simple, and visual. To achieve this we draw on Holger’s outstanding visual facilitation skills again and again.“ "

Dr. Alexander Osterwalder
Bestselling Author, Strategyzer

"Holger is one of the world’s leading visual strategy facilitators and visual recorders. With the magic of his pens & iPad, he can make the most complex information easily understandable. His expertise is working with companies and management teams, helping them visualize, understand and communicate their strategy, innovation and change efforts."

Christian Rangen
Strategy Innovation Consultant

Learn the skills

You can book Holger to help you and your team to learn, establish and use the techniques to understand, create and show your ideas.


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