100 Daily Drawings - Build the habit of working visually - one drawing a day

“I can’t draw” - I heard this sentence countless times. So often actually, that I needed to help you and everybody else overcome this notion of “I’m not an artist”. And this is my answer to this challenge. A step-by-step guide for 100 drawings in a single book.

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In this book you will find 100 drawings–explained step by step. These help you improve your drawing skills. You can work on them at your own pace whenever you feel like it. The instructions are suitable for children and adults and are intended to simply bring you joy. You are welcome to play around–without pressure or the need for perfection. Drawing is not magic and simple visualizations make a big difference. This simple guide will help you discover a more visual way of working.

You can purchase “100 Daily Drawings” as an eBook in PDF form or printed - just as it’s simplest and most convenient for you.


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