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The book in a nutshell


Ever wanted hands-on techniques to create more clartiy within your workshops? Searching for a cure for the disease of time wasting meetings? Or having a project you really want to pitch well? Then this book is for you.

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The authors


Holger Nils Pohl is a Strategy Facilitator who focuses on solving complex strategic problems for his clients by using visual techniques.
Alexander Osterwalder is #7 of Thinkers50, the creator of the business model canvas and uses visual tools to create better businesses.

A Lean Starup Approach for a Book?!


We believe in the power of testing Hypothesis early in the process. That's why you see this page and this prototype.
It is actually a Book-Dummy for a bookstore at a conference called @euviz2018
The Dummy will be placed with lots of other "real" books there.  And who knows...some curious folks might open the book and find the hidden goodies? :)

It's called a "Desirability Test". And we're testing a set of Hypothesis here.
1. Is the title of the book appealing enough to get interest by the readers?
2. Is the cover interesting enough for people to open the book?
3. Is the Value Proposition of the book strong enough to let them search for more online?
4. And will they actually buy it?

We believe, if 5% of all conference participants go online, we're right with 1.-3.
We believe if 5% of the website visitors buy the book, we're right with 4.


Are you one them?

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